Lena Särnfors – Graphic Designer & Artist

As a Graphic Designer I produce books and other print or digital material. With a long and wide experience, I´m always interested in new, interesting projects and collaborations.

Art – acrylic and mixed media, abstract and figurative.
I present both original paintings and Fine Art Prints.
My inner world is colorful, beautiful and imaginative, I share it through my art and photography. I find inspiration from nature and its creatures, music, meditation, people and everyday life. I am fascinated by the genious always evolving design of every detail in nature.

I also have a great passion for music and arrange music-events with some very talented musicians, in different genres.

I have always expressed myself creatively in different ways; through painting, photography and as a graphic designer since 1989. I have a large image bank with photos from trips around the world and from the nature around me.
I studied art at Folkuniversitetet in Lund 90-91, and have been painting and drawing since childhood.

Welcome to contact me for a chat or a meeting, I´d love to hear from you!

Lena Särnfors, The Living Room
Tel: +46(0)766-457000
instagram: lenasarnfors_thelivingroom