Music & Events

Music & Events

Live Music & good vibes for events, restaurants, hotels & private parties. Welcome to contact me for inquiries & bookings! Click here for playlists on Youtube! Based in Sweden with an international network. I work with musicians with high quality and personality, in many different genres and settings. Welcome to raise the energy with some good Live Music! Contact: Lena Särnfors, tel: +46 (0)766-457000,


JOSEFIN BJÖRK WERNER. Dixie, Jazz & Swing.
Click for playlist! Josefin Björk Werner is a jazz singer and pediatrician. Based in Sweden & the Greater Copenhagen-area and ready to share her music with the world! Since entering the jazz scene her beautiful voice, natural expression and joyful charisma captures a big audience. Josefin and her virtuoso musicians will take you back to the early era with elegance and joy, inspired by Lil Hardin Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. The repertoire includes swingin traditional jazz, delicate love ballads & newly composed retro swing. The ensembles are customized for the specific occasion, always with brilliant musicians.
In 2020 Josefin is touring with her Swing Orchestra – 11 musicians will provide the atmosphere and the sound of the early big band era.
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Website Josefin Björk Werner:



CEM MORENO. Latin Music. Click for playlist! Cem Moreno is a singer, guitarist and a songwriter. He performs as a troubadour with Latin music, rumba, spanish flamenco and with his band, Cem Moreno Band, within; Latin Jazz, rumba, spanish flamenco and music from Andalusia mixed with Southamerican music with songs from Cuba, Puertorico & Argentina. He has a musical career in Sweden and the rest of Europe. Welcome with inquiries and bookings:


CASHY–Johnny Cash Tribute

Cashy – A Johnny Cash Tribute Show. Click for playlist!
Cashy delivers a full on show with the classic Johnny Cash songs. They tell the story with Johnnys own words and music. The audience goes crazy dancing, singing along and most important of all – having a hell of a good time!. Welcome with inquiries and bookings:



BLUE IN GREEN. Click for playlist! Hannah, Lukas & Fabian play a variety of covers, creating a chilled or more lively atmosphere at restaurants, events and private parties. Their music is expressed through vocals, guitars and keyboard. Welcome with inquiries and bookings:



THE DELMORE SESSIONS; Maria Stille & Homesick Mac. Click for playlist! Genuin Hillbilly och Blues från förkrigsåren, framfört med mycket kärlek och stilkänsla. Fräscha arrangemang av originallåtar som med tiden kommit att bli stilbildande.
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THE ORIGINAL FIVE. Genuin och välspelad Bluegrass med några av Europas finaste musiker inom genren. Traditionellt material varvas med nyskrivna hits, sprudlande instrumentaler varvas med smäktande ballader och a capella-nummer. Lyssna här, från Bjärreds Krog i maj 2019.



THE COUNTRY SIDE OF HARMONICA SAM is inspired by the honky tonk sound of the late 50’s and early 60’s. The band delivers steady 4/4 shuffles with whining steel guitar and tic-tac bass. Mix it up with a dash of 50’s rock attitude and you get the picture.



SALSA CUBANO. Reynold & Ana Maria, SalsaEnergia teaches latinamerican dances, from beginners to advanced. Workshops & dj for your event/private party.